Participants have varied over the years, and no one should feel like they cannot enjoy a day of cycling with me.  I have literally taken out everything from former UCI level professionals to honeymooners in flip flops.  All we are trying to do is give you a wonderful, memorable day on the bike. 

Typically, people rent bikes for the tours, and I work closely with a shop in town.  Hybrid or touring bikes, as well as mountain and road bikes are available.  The website is listed under services.  I can help if needed. 

The terrain is hilly here, so there is always some climbing involved.  Come and enjoy a day or a week cycling with me!

Contact me to reserve a day.  I take reservations on a first come, first served basis.  Thank You.  Mark Collins,

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I love the little roads in the countryside here.  They are so fun and scenic.  We will leave the hustle and bustle of Florence behind and enjoy a day in the Tuscan countryside.  Stops for espresso, pastries, panini, or wine are welcomed and can be planned for.

If you wish to include a wine tasting or tour that can be arranged.  If the group includes many different ability levels, I can arrange a van support vehicle so people can continue or take the rest of the day off as desired.  Again, the only thing we try to do is give you a great day!

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Riding with Cosimo began 5 years ago when my wife and I moved to Florence.  Our daughter married a Florentine 15 years ago, and we came to enjoy our grandchildren as they grow up.  I am now 63, but quite fit, and cycle daily here.  While visiting I enjoyed learning the area and was astounded at how wonderful the cycling is.  An old and respected part of the local culture, cyclists are welcomed on the roads.